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HRDLabel is a software written by IW1QLH used to print labels, QSL and envelope using the Ham Radio Deluxe logbook database.

Hrdl5 1.jpg

Download from GitHub

Version 6.7

  • bugs fix

Version 6.5

  • direct access to Ham Radio Deluxe 5 and 6 database (Access file) without using HRDLogbookInterface.DLL; it solve HRD6's issue and DLL problems with Windows 7 and 8
  • upload QSO changes to
  • download K7PT's counties files (new format)
  • solved small bugs

Version 6.0 build 5620

  • new logbook source (web logbook, LOG4OM, ...)
  • print barcode
  • print ARRL prefix
  • import/export configuration
  • new languages